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Back Cover Blurb Writing

Every book needs a back cover blurb—even if there is no back cover.

What is a Back Cover Blurb?

A back cover blurb is the summary that goes on the back cover of your book. It is also what customers who buy your book online will use to decide if they want to make a purchase.

The most difficult thing about being a successful independent author is marketing your book, and the back cover blurb is your most visible sales pitch. Your blurb needs to be written with your genre and target audience in mind—it shouldn’t focus on a romance in the story if you want to classify your book as a paranormal thriller, for example.

Many authors have a hard time taking a step back and summarizing months or years of work into 150 words. It can be painful to cut out entire subplots—and most of the main plot itself!—and still get the feel of the story across. It’s harder than you think!

How Much Does it Cost?

After editing your story, your editor will take all of this into consideration and write a back cover blurb for you for $75.

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