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How Does the Process Work?

TypeRight is proud to partner with Tumbleweed Covers for book cover design. To start, you’ll share your vision for the cover with your designer. Tumbleweed specializes in custom illustration and design, but they’re also happy to use stock images or do custom photography.

After you and your designer come to an agreement about what the cover should be, they’ll mock up the idea for you. You’ll then have a chance to review it and suggest any minor changes before the cover is finalized.

How Much Does Cover Design Cost?

Cover design starts at $500. If you change your mind about your vision partway through the process, there could be extra charges, as your designer will need to essentially start over.

The base cost is for the front cover (for ebooks). For an additional $100, your designer will create a matching spine and back cover (for paperbacks) that includes your back cover blurb, author bio, and a barcode based on your ISBN. If you’d like a dust jacket (for hardcover) as well, that adds another $100.

How Do We Get Started?

Use the contact form below, and be sure to let us know what your vision is for your book cover design. Your designer will respond with some examples of covers they’ve done in a similar style.

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