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How Does the Process Work?

TypeRight is proud to partner with Tumbleweed Covers for book cover design. To start, you’ll share your vision for the cover with your designer. Tumbleweed specializes in custom illustration and design, but they can also work with images or do custom photography.

After you and your designer come to an agreement about what the cover should be, they’ll mock up the idea for you. You’ll then have a chance to review it and suggest any minor changes before the cover is finalized.

Before You Start

Unless you’re willing to let the designer’s imagination run wild (which often leads to great results, by the way), you should consider your vision for the book cover:

  • What are the themes in the book? Romance? Revenge? Survival? Good and evil?
  • Are there any significant symbols or objects in the story?
  • Do you want the cover to be a photo, or do you want a custom illustration?

You should also have a plan for the interior formatting of the book, known as typesetting. Typically, book cover design and typesetting are done at the same time. This way, the cover designer knows how thick to make the spine (based on the number of pages), and the typesetter can use the font and layout of the cover for the title page in the interior.

Finally, you should decide if you will be publishing under an imprint and purchasing your own ISBN number. The name and logo of the imprint is often included on the spine, and the ISBN number is used to create the barcode on the back cover (bar code creation is included in cover design).

Your Cover Design Options

Cover Formatting

Starting at $99, you can provide a complete cover design concept, and your designer will format it for use in ebook and paperback form.

Basic Cover Design

If you’re picturing something simple, like a photo with slight manipulation, or a minimalist cover that focuses on the typography, the cost starts at $199.

Artistic Cover Design

Full artistic design starts at $499. With your guidance (or without it, if you prefer), your artist will draw up a unique, artistic design from scratch that matches the content of your book.

How Do You Get Started?

Use the contact form below, and be sure to let us know what your vision is for your book cover design. Your designer will respond with some examples of covers they’ve done in a similar style.

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