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Levels of Editing

Choosing a level of editing.

Which Level of Editing Is Right for You?

Traditionally, manuscripts go through at least four levels of editing: a developmental edit, a line edit, a copy edit, and a proofread. That said, some authors prefer to pick and choose. Whatever you decide, we consider either a line edit or a copy edit to be absolutely necessary—no manuscript should be published without at least one thorough edit.

  • A developmental edit looks at the big picture. Instead of fixing grammar errors, we’ll be providing pointed advice on how to improve the project as a whole. A developmental edit is where you should start if you are open to making big changes to your book, such as revising the plot, removing characters, adding scenes, or cutting out filler.
  • Line editing is the most in-depth service we offer. In addition to fixing grammar errors, we’ll aim to improve the style and flow. This often means rearranging sentences to improve readability, and if you overuse words or phrases, we’ll make an effort to clean that up. A line edit is where most authors should start, especially those who already have their plot nailed down and aren’t open to big-picture suggestions.
  • A copy edit takes a sentence-level look at the project. The goal here is to fix any errors in grammar and consistency while leaving your style alone. If you are happy with your writing style and only want to make sure your grammar and spelling are appropriate, this is the level of editing for you.
  • A proofread is a final pass through the document to catch any issues that may have slipped through the cracks. At TypeRight, we only proofread projects that have already had a line or a copy edit.

Not Sure What to Choose?

Not a problem! If you send your manuscript in for a free sample edit, your editor will review your work and determine the most appropriate level of editing.

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