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What is Proofreading?

At TypeRight, we only proofread documents that have already been professionally edited. Why is that? A proofread acts as a seal of approval by the editor, indicating that the book is ready to publish—and we believe that no book is ready to publish unless it has had at least two rounds of editing.

If your proofreader encounters multiple errors on every page, that’s a good indication that a more in-depth copy edit or line edit is appropriate. If you think your book is ready for a proofread and you haven’t worked with us before, send us a copy of your book for a free sample edit. We’ll look it over and let you know if we agree.

What Do We Fix in a Proofread?

On this final pass before publishing, we won’t be paying attention to sentence structure, readability, or flow. Here’s what we’ll be looking at:








Number Formatting

Page Breaks


Page Numbering

It’s the minor details that count here: do you write the time as 2 p.m. or two o’clock? Are you consistent? Do you use numerals for numbers or do you spell them out?

If your book has been typeset before proofreading, we’ll also check to make sure pages break in the appropriate place, that page numbering is correct, and that headers and/or footers are consistent. Are there headers at the start of new chapters? Do page breaks happen between an adjective and a noun, or between a first and last name of a character? These may seem minor, but every detail affects reader enjoyment.

When Should I Get a Proofread?

If you want your book professionally typeset, that should happen before proofreading. This way your proofreader can go through your book as if they are reading the final copy. It is uncommon, but typesetting can introduce minor errors, so it is best to have the proofreading pass be the final, final stage.

Our best advice is this: pretend you’re not sending your novel in for editing—pretend you’re sending it in for publishing. Every word should be exactly the way you want it because there’s no turning back after a proofread: no adding, modifying, or deleting words. After a proofread, making any changes at all could introduce new errors.

How to Review a Proofread

Very little needs to happen on your end after a proofread. We’ll let you know what we changed, and you can spot-check those locations, but otherwise you’re good to go.

What Comes Next?

Publishing! Printing! Book signings! Movie deals!


The truth is that you’ve still got some work to do. Before you self-publish, you’ll need to have a book cover designed. And once the book is ready to print, you’ll be moving on to the promotion phase.

Free Sample Editing

Editing is a big investment, so you should always request a sample edit from potential editors. At TypeRight, we offer free sample edits of up to 1,000 words. By reviewing your free sample edit, you’ll know exactly what to expect from us when you send in your entire project.

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