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What is Typesetting?

Generally speaking, typesetting is the process of converting your text into a professional-looking PDF that you can use for printing. All major print-on-demand (POD) services, such as Amazon KDP, accept formatted PDFs. Typesetting is often underestimated, and it’s easy to understand why: if it is done well, you don’t notice it at all. It’s like a good paint job in your living room. If a friend comes over and comments about anything but the color…it’s probably not a good sign.

Here’s what we will do in typesetting:

  • Determine the best trim size (physical dimensions of the book)
  • Set appropriate margins
  • Style chapter titles
  • Choose a fitting font and font size
  • Style drop caps (if requested)
  • Add fleurons (fancy scene breaks)
  • Make sure pages don’t break in awkward places
  • Set word spacing for optimal readability
  • Style the headers, footers, and page numbers
  • Format the front matter (copyright page, dedication, etc.)

After typesetting, you may want to have your book proofread as a final, final pass before publishing.

The end result of the process will be:

  • a PDF, designed to meet the guidelines of all major printing companies and
  • a fully formatted ebook, ready for online distribution.

How Much Does Typesetting Cost?

The typical cost is $250 plus $3 per 1,000 words. If you have a lot of images, tables, etc., please get in touch for an exact quote.

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